The CHBC Spring Raffle

Spring is finally in the air!

The CHBC school staff and Board members are thankful to all the parents and well-wishers for helping us forge through the pandemic’s challenges, both mentally and financially. We are incredibly proud of all our children, who have adapted and endured the challenges of the new ways of learning and collaborating while staying true to the Montessori learning philosophy.

We are kicking off the spring with lots of hope and enthusiasm, anticipating that things will begin to get back to a new normal very soon so that the students can enjoy a fun filled summer before returning to school for a (hopefully) more typical school year!

We are excited to announce our school’s first fundraising event for this new year – The CHBC Spring 2021 Raffle! Since CHBC is a nonprofit organization we typically have a few fundraisers throughout the year and we’re hoping that this virtual format is both fun for our community and successful for our organization!

We have exciting raffle prizes donated by local businesses and our well-wishers.

The Raffle shall be organized as a hybrid model, i.e., virtual (online) and drawing the ticket winners using the online software with some in-person participants and simultaneously broadcasting online on Facebook Live on Saturday, May 08th, at 3.00 P.M at the School Lawn outside the School Library Exit Door (weather permitting.), while conforming to all social distancing COVID guidelines.

The following are the Raffle guidelines:

  1. The tickets are priced at $1 for each raffle ticket entry and sold as 5 Entries minimum for $5.
  2. Please Read all the Raffle related terms and conditions here.
  3. The Raffle tickets can be purchased by placing the order online. Once the order is placed, you will get an email confirming the order number, Order item details with the total amount of your order along with instructions, including acceptable payment methods.
  4. Payment Process: Due to the State of PA, Small Games of Chances regulations, we are not able to process the payment by credit card payment method online. The payment has to be done by either Cash or check or through “Venmo” app. Instructions regarding the payment method shall be emailed to you once you place the order for the raffle tickets.
  5. As soon as we receive the payment of your order, we shall email you your Raffle tickets.
  6. The Raffle tickets can be ordered online Here – The CHBC Spring Raffle.!!